CETRO is an initiative of representative organisations of tyre specialists in Europe to defend the interest of all organised tyre retailers in the European Union and to represent, act and co-ordinate with representatives of relevant Directorates-General in Brussels with the following objectives:

  • to prepare an (in)formal dialogue with policy-makers that can provide an opportunity primarily of expressing the existing concerns of European Tyre Specialists on specific subjects related to their business and speciality
  • also to exchange knowledge leading to improved insight into our industry, to awareness of the feasibility of proposals for changing and updating regulations and projects and to awareness of the availability of subsidies and of information on existing European structures.

Association VACO has been asked by its European colleagues to implement this initiative for reasons related to geographical location, the internal structure of the association and its familiarity with the European structures and working methods.

A supplementary function of CETRO is to present a number of issues and subjects of major concern to the organisations involved and which should be of concern to the European road user.